Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Beloved Vagabond by William John Locke

The Belov├ęd Vagabond by William J. Locke4.5 Stars

What happens when a gentleman of learning, passion, and artistic temperament gets his heart broken? Why, he smashes every remnant of his past life into little tiny fragments, sweeps them under the rug of oblivion and reimerges with a new identity. His name will vary with whim and circumstance, his home may be a slum in London or a hedge in Britany, but one thing, the man inside, the "real " man, the Genius and man of heart, Paragot, will remain unchanged... as the beloved vagabond.

Not everyone will enjoy this. You have to love words, (I have 51 new words in my kindle 'vocabulary builder' because of this book), you must love the music and rhythm of flowery, witty speech (see status updates for examples) and you must be ok with a story that doesn't gallop along at a breakneck pace. If this sounds like your style, I think you'll find Beloved Vagabond a very satisfying read that celebrates true contentment found in the obvious yet elusive real life.

In The Beloved Vagabond one learns (almost too late) that dreams, even admirable dreams, lifelong dreams, lovelorn dreams, are occasionally best kept under the pillow where dreams belong.

CONTENT: G-PG (for "crapulous" i.e, drunken, scenes :)

*I recommend reading this for free via Amazon on an ereader or tablet with built in dictionary/ translation features for fullest enjoyment.

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