Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Marigold Field by Diane Pearson

The Marigold Field by Diane PearsonDiane Pearson always delivers a riveting and memorable story. Its difficult to give a synopsis of this one because it is largely character, rather than plot, driven.

Many years are covered here and two wars (The Boer War and WW1) but they are only really important in the way that they affect the characters and not for the events themselves. 

Briefly, The Marigold Field centers around three people: Jonathan Whitman and the two Pritchard sisters, Betsy and Annie. (Along with several minor characters who never seem very minor at the time, including Jonathan's cousin /wife, Myra).
Betsy is plain and good, Annie is pretty, selfish and conniving, and Jonathan is a man striving to make his way in an unfair world.

There is no part of the novel that lags or tangentizes (I made that up), its absorbing in an almost soap opera kind of way and yet nothing except life really HAPPENS, but still you read on, open mouthed, and feel that it is enough. 

SEX: Mentioned frankly, fade to black, some suggestive scenes and an attempted rape
VIOLENCE: Brief war imagery
PROFANITY: Very mild
Recommended Reading Audience: New Adult

*Note: "Sarah Whitman" is the sequel to this

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