Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blind Man's Year by Warwick Deeping

Blind Mans Year by Warwick DeepingI do love Deeping. It's not that he writes earthshaking stories, he doesn't. But he writes about real people with real feelings and you go away feeling at peace and contented.

In Blind Man's Year, we have a wealthy but reclusive authoress living in a remote Suffolk gardener's dream. Due to an unsightly birth mark on one side of her face, she endeavors to soothe her pride by keeping herself to herself and her identity as a famous writer private.

But one day when the fog is particularly dense, a small plain crashes near her property. The young pilot battles for his life and survives but is permanently blinded. His condition being so fragile, the doctor advises against moving him and Rosamund nurses him at her home. Romance ensues.

What I admire about Deeping is how he doesn't take you to the wedding day and then abandon the reader. Marriage is simply part of the story and we get to experience their lives together after the big day, which is far more interesting. 

In this case we see Clive's daily struggles and progress as he climbs his way back to independence, how he masters braille, typing, fruit picking etc and overcomes his fear of the unknown. We also watch Rosalind become the confindent woman she never was, with Clive as her friend and support.

Seeing how Clive and Rosamund interact, sharing the understanding and succor that each needs, is a guaranteed heart warmer. True companionship at its best.

Oh and totally off the point but an interesting tidbit is that in this story we have another Margaret Hayle (like in Gaskill's North and South). 

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