Sunday, January 11, 2015

Seven Men came Back by Warwick Deeping

Seven Men Came Back by Warwick DeepingI really loved this and wished it could have been a hundred more pages but I suppose a good place to conclude a book is at a place that leaves the reader wondering and wanting more. Not that there are loose ends here, there aren't. I just wanted to hang around a bit longer in the company of the characters. 

Basically the name of this book is the synopsis as well. Seven soldiers who survive the war (WW1) and make a pact on Armistice day; they call themselves "The Seven Club" and reunite each year on November 11th to keep in touch. They're not all likeable personalities but its interesting how circumstances make or break people. The strong don't always spell success and the lowly don't always remain subservient. Time and opportunity make for an ever evolving flow of events, leaving nothing in its path unchanged.

Although the novel follows all seven men, the focus is on an ex-officer named Sherring. A man whose only niche seems to be in command and who is not so adept or as satisfied in managing his own affairs.

Another fascinating read by Deeping.

SEX: None shown to reader but talk of infidelity, prostitution.
PROFANITY: Mild (Mostly D's)

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