Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old Wine and New by Warwick Deeping

Old Wine And New by Warwick DeepingWhen Spenser Scarsdale, journalist, age 40, returns from the Great War, he finds the world a changed place; sensationalism has taken the place of sentiment and sobriety, class and manners have given way to vulgar "me-ism" and cheap thrills. Scarsdale, a Victorian at heart, can no longer place his finger on the pulse of humanity, and as a consequence his writing becomes unsalable.

We follow Scarsdale from disillusionment to depression to despair until we worry for his very life. But at the very "gates of hell" there is a glimmer of hope, and the love and understanding of one good woman who believes in him...

Scarsdale is the Anti-Alpha male. He's shy, self deprecating, unassuming, and gentle. Some readers won't like him. They'll label him "weak", a "pushover", "naiive", "lacking in virility" etc. But honestly, I found him a refreshing (and realistic) change of pace. And yes, while there were times (especially in the first half) where I wanted to shout, " Noooo! You big, galloping nimwit, don't do it!", I have to say by the second half I was gripping the arm chair and rooting for him with tears in my eyes. I wanted so badly for him to succeed and if/ when he did, I didn't want him to change one bit.

Lovely story and semi autobiographical.
Recommended for lover's of cozy, realistic fiction.


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