Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paradise Place by Warwick Deeping

Paradise Place by Warwick DeepingAfter spending some years in prison for manslaughter, John Hallifax disappears. The next news of him is a letter received by his wife, postmarked from Paris, telling of John's death from consumption.

Rachel remarries for so-called stability, this time to a wealthy philisoper, a "secretary bird with trousers"; a passionless man in love with only himself and the applauds of society. 

Meanwhile, a rough, Esau-like man calling himself John Bamfield has taken lodgings in a slum area of London named "Paradise Place" and has tacked up his shingle as an herbalist. He's a hairy, bearded man of the earth, ready with his fists, quick with his wits, and carrying a secret about him...

I loved this. I haven't had the pleasure of a hero like this in some time and I warmed to the "tough softie"; he's stubborn but completely unselfish and very human. Rachel also felt very real, she was sad, she was happy, she was conniving and I rooted for her. 

The ending is satisfying and no part of the story lags. Excellent.

SEX: Yes, but not shown to reader
VIOLENCE: Mild, a couple fisticuff fights

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