Friday, June 6, 2014

Olivia and Jai by Rebecca Ryman

Olivia And Jai by Rebecca RymanWhat a weird, twisted book. Wow, I can't believe how much I hate this! And yet I still read 300 pages in hopes that I was mistaken, in hopes that Jai wasn't a psychopath and Olivia really did have a brain in her head ...nope

OK, I read my share of misunderstood heroes. But this nut case really takes the cake! Jai is constantly berating, criticizing, scorning and snubbing Olivia and the more abusive he is, the more she swoons over him.

Example: (warning slight spoiler)

"What I will not accept, Jai, is the devaluation, the denial, of your feelings for me. You lie to hide your own delusions..You fabricate a hate that does not exist. You do love me, jai..."

"Get out!" His voice was tight in his throat.

"I will! But not before you admit you have lied!"

The final thread of his control snapped. With a snarl he sprang at her and two enormous, powerful hands circled her neck. Distorted into a mask of virulence, his features turned maniacal, barely human. Thumbs pressed against her windpipe, he shook her with the fury of a mastiff...

Basically, he strangles her until she passes out.

"Don't love me, Olivia...I could have killed you. What further proof can you want of my worthlessness?"

"It is also proof of what you deny..."

Oh.My.Goodness. So really, the more he hurts you the more he loves you! My husband has never strangled me or screamed at me, I guess he doesn't love me afterall. Wow. Ive been disillusioned for 21 years...

So many people loved this book. And I really wanted to. Oh well.

Bottom line: too much melodrama, not enough story. Yes yes yes, I know there's more story to come after page 300, 300 pages in fact! but I. am. so. DONE.

By the way, I guessed the "great whoopsie". *book crashes into wall*

The gavel has fallen. verdict: Hero is a jerk. Heroine is TSTL. They deserve eachother. I award them a life of misery together

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