Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beloved Rebel by Sylvia Thorpe

Beloved Rebel by Sylvia ThorpeWell, thank goodness that's over!

This was a buddy read with Tweety and I refuse to look at her review until Ive sorted my own thoughts out. :)

The 1600's are not my preferred time period, I'd better say that at the outset because I'm sure others will enjoy this book more than I did.

My main complaint is with the characters. Why oh why do I seem to root for the wrong characters? For once Id like to see an author turn the tables on the obvious and go for the ultimate twist: the triumph of the underdog. *sigh*

In a nutshell: Gervase is a fugitive after the uprising of the Duke of Monmouth fails. Anyone who is found aiding and abetting such fugitives earn the penalty of death. This does not thwart Elinor, Gervase's wife whom he married 5 years prior at the tender age of 13 (even though she has not set eyes on him since) from stepping in time and again to save his sorry butt .

I found it difficult to believe that a 13 year old girl would be so infatuated with a man she married by arrangement and in name only and whom she'd only seen two or three times. He viewed her as no more than a child. (that is, until he comes back, and lo and behold the twerpit has grown up! Who is this creature with golden eyes and bosoms? )

As the story played out there was ample opportunity to show us some depth of character or even personality on the part of the hero but for the life of me I could see no reason why she should like him, let alone love him to distraction and risk her neck for him. For my part, I didn't care much whether he was caught or not.

No sex, profanity or violence

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