Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Fields Of Yesterday by Robert Tyler Stevens

Fields of YesterdayThis book can also be found under the title "Nurse Anna's War" by Mary Jane Staples.

Louise and Ned met in a ditch, both running from the Germans in Belgium WW1. Ned has a seriously broken arm and they help eachother reach a place of safety: the clinique of nurse Edith Cavell.

Cavell is a kind of Florence Nightingale who not only nurses all wounded, but also heads an "underground railroad " to get Allied soldiers out of the country.

I felt that the book dwelt too heavily on Edith and it became more a story about Edith Cavell than our h/ h. Its not the best idea for a story to have two heroines especially one as superhuman as Cavell. Where does that leave our relatively normal, bright Louise but as an afterthought?

The last two chapters really pick up and I wish we could have had more chapters on their final escape.
The ending is satisfying in the sense of closure but is far too short. It feels rushed, which is disappointing. Also, the humor and witty banter that I love so much in R.T.Stevens writing is profoundly lacking in this one. Still, I give it a solid
3 1/2 Stars


SEX : None (although the reader is privy to the heroine's thoughts at one point and they're rather, well, she could have kept them to herself.)

VIOLENCE : A few knockouts, nothing major

PROFANITY : Mild cussing


*if you're wondering where the 'Anna' comes from in the alternate title it is Louise's assumed name under the tutelage of Nurse Cavell.

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