Monday, February 24, 2014

Dolphin Summer by Carola Salisbury

The Dolphin SummerI have a problem with love interests that are mere figureheads. I'm not that gullible. I want interaction. I want conversation. Simply put, I want a reason why she loves him. A rigid, commanding stature and brooding eyes is not enough! You hear that, people? Not enough!!

Now that I have got that on the table, let me tell you about "Dolphin Summer".

Dolphin is a boat. Our heroine,(darn! What's her name?) Annabel is invited to come aboard as companion to a dying invalid named Melloney.(I take it that the author meant Melanie not mel-o-ney rhyming with bologna, still I called her Mell-o-ney bologna a few times in the course of reading)

Anyway! Once aboard, strange things start happening, people die in various ways until you wonder if there will be anyone left to choose between by the end and yet...and yet...I never really felt worried. Either the suspense wasn't great enough or I just didn't care enough, one way or another I wasn't feeling it like I should. This wasn't Carola Salisbury's finest hour.

I would put it on a par with a fairly tame Victoria Holt. Good for a rainy afternoon but not one I would look to reread any time soon. Still, I love Carola Salisbury and will definitely pick up another one of hers no question about it.


SEX: None
PROFANITY: None that I remember
VIOLENCE: A few people die but nothing gruesome


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