Monday, February 10, 2014

My Enemy, My Love by Robert Tyler Stevens

My Enemy, My LoveFirst off, this book was also sold under the title "Appointment in Sarajevo ". Ask me how I know :/ Why oh why do publishers DO that??? That's the second time IN A WEEK that that has happened to me!
Ok, rant over :)

I loved this book, I really did!! And I wasn't sure I would when I started it. It seemed a bit slow, very easy, like everyone 's life was just so peachy ...but that soon changed with the whispers that "a good archduke is a dead archduke"...

Before you know it, a Serbian extremist recognizes James (who is an acquaintance with a police officer so he must be on to them!) and theres a kidnapping followed by a nail biting chase in the mountains (and a rather. "just dessert" involving fire ants which I wont spoil for you) as well as the climax of an otherwise pleasant engagement party ~ The declaration of war.. .
Yes, thanks to the polititions, Austria and Britain are now enemies. Which means a rather tearjerking separation of our hero / heroine. But far more is to come so just keep reading.

The book is fascinating. The first half is titled "The Last Summer " which appropriately brings to mind the peace and optimismm which reigned prior to the outbreak of WW1.
The second half is titled "An Empire Lost ". This half was gutsy and exciting. Through the characters we see how war changes people. .. and there are no winners.

BOTTOM LINE : Loved it loved it loved it.


SEX : None. Some minor references to "sowing wild oats "
VIOLENCE : Considering this is a book set during a war, the violence is minimal. A few shots, a few blows. Nothing major.
PROFANITY : Mild cussing


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