Friday, February 14, 2014

In My Enemy's Arms by Robert Tyler Stevens

In My Enemy's ArmsThis book has two other titles : "Flight From Bucharest " and " A Wartime Marriage "(the latter under the pen name of Mary Jane Staples) .

I am sooooooo bug eyed! I have been reading this nonstop for two days (Gotta love ice storms) and its been wonderful!

A British captain is recovering from a bullet wound in the leg at a German occupied hospital. He is approached by a German commander who gives him a choice : He can go to a POW camp and sit out the rest of the war, or, he can take on a new mission: helping the Rumanian princess Irena escape to Britain before extremists have her head. He chooses the adventure.

And what an adventure it is! First he has to marry her (in name only) then smuggle her all the way through Europe with their enemies nipping at their heels.

The inevitable happens; sparks fly and they fall in love. But no worries all is very proper and theyll get an annulment as soon as is decent.... besides, not to be forgotten is the fiance waiting for him when he gets home..

Primarily this is a historical adventure and secondly a romance. There's lots of surprises and twists along the way and some parts are laugh out loud funny.

I loved this like I love all of R.T Stevens books. And with three titles you should hopefully be able to find at least one of them at a library near you. :)


SEX :None
VIOLENCE :Wartime Violence, shooting, hand to hand fights
PROFANITY :Mild cussing


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