Sunday, February 16, 2014

I know My Love by Catherine Gaskin

I Know My LoveOverall, this was a rather depressing read, somewhat similar in theme to Adam Bede

In a nutshell:

A young woman escapes the clutches of a lecherous tavern owner after the death of her father by joining a passing Irish family on their way to the gold fields. She becomes one of the family and its a story just as much about them as it is her.

Emmy (the heroine) is plain, while Rose (the Irish daughter) is beautiful. Everyone falls in love with Rose and no one notices Emmy except as a friend.

Anyway,there comes a time when Emmy saves the life of the man both her and Rose have fallen in love with. Adam (who is a sea captain) marries Emmy because he kind of feels he owes it to her, although Rose is the one who stirs his soul. Well its not the recipe for a happy life for any of them and the story takes off there.

Remember the old song "Brandy (you're a fine girl) "? Well that sums this story up pretty well. Even if it wasn't for the beautiful girl in the background whose trying to steal the heroine's husband away from her there's still the call of the sea...either way its all a bit miserable.

I can only think of one character in this book who really 'got what he set out for '. Apart from that it was more of a study in bad choices.

But it did hold my interest. Thus the three stars.


SEX : Fade to black

PG (For NA and A readers)

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