Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wages Creek by Jeffery Hickey

Ive been given a lot of "read for review " books recently that have been less than stellar. I was actually contemplating giving up the whole thing since I only seem to succeed in injuring feelings with my honesty. But I saw "Wages Creek " in my inbox and the synopsis mentioned ducks; well, my resolve crumbled. I had to read it.

Anyone with pets (I love ducks and have 13 of them) will know the feeling where you start to attribute human-ness to them. You talk to them and they talk back. Yes, they do! Well in this story that is what happens. Sort of.

Jeff and his family are on a camping trip. He comes down with a cold and being a whiner (we know ALL about 'man colds'!) the family leave him to his misery in the tent while they go off for the day. Then.... the ducks appear.

And they talk.
And they understand him.
And they play horseshoes.
And it seems that Jeff, the unwitting bystander is also going to play a part in determining the future happiness of a lovestruck couple...

"Wages Creek "is an audio book and while it can be enjoyed just on its own it is a TON of fun to listen to with all the voices, music and sound effects as you read along. And its pretty hilarious in places! My husband was supposed to be writing emails when I was playing the CD and my daughter and I caught him laughing along. So adults enjoy this book too which is a plus in everyone's book :)

5 Stars easy!

*many thanks to the author for a free book and CD given in exchange for review.

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