Sunday, May 11, 2014

Queen Vernita visits Gator Country by Dawn Menge

This is my first "Queen Vernita " book. I didn't realize it is a series, so if you like her other books you'll probably like this one as well. The series is best suited to ages 9-12.

Apparently, Queen Vernita has friends from all over the world and regularly takes year long trips to visit other cultures. In this book she visits Louisiana in the Southern US. Each month focuses on a different aspect of the local heritage.

FEBRUARY: Paddleboats
MARCH: Mardi Gras
APRIL: Alligators
MAY: The French Quarter
JUNE: The Audubon
JULY: A plantation house
AUGUST: Another plantation house
OCTOBER: Underground Railroad
NOVEMBER: The bayou
DECEMBER: The Indians of the Mardi Gras

The book is very informative and kids can learn a lot. The illustrations are very colorful and I think that would appeal to young ones. It needs to be noted though that the writing itself feels wooden and reads like a bullet list which I felt spoiled the fun. Queen Vernita is a bit of a "Flat Stanley" that we move from scene to scene and prop beside something but who we otherwise have minimal interaction with.

For educational use, I think this is a good book. For entertainment, maybe not so much. Since my nephews love facts and figures I think they will like this, just 'know your audience ' and you'll be all set.

*Many thanks to the author for a free paperback book given in exchange for review.

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