Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Scret Kingdom by Michele and Richard Bledsoe

The Secret Kingdom by Michele  Bledsoe

 Now I lay me down to sleep
I read this book and now I'll weep.
All my skin and flesh doth creep
like dungy beetles in a heap.
                    ~ Creeped out reader

This is a very artsy and imaginative book illustrated by a talented artist with accompanying poems created by her husband. It is purportedly a bedtime book for children of all ages. No.

Just. No.

Most definitely NOT for children of all ages. This is the creepiest children's book I have ever read. Speaking as someone who has battled nightmares my whole life (since childhood~ I'm sure Edgar Allen Poe as bedtime stories didn't help) I can honestly say if your child is at all sensitive, do not buy this book! Parents, please. There are some things that should NOT be read before bed (or at all) unless you enjoy being woken at 3 am by crying children.

We have a poem which says,

" There is always a wolf in the story
There is always a snail in the shell
There is always a face in the doorway
There is always a story to tell."

The accompanying illustration is a disembodied head/mask at a window and a dead looking wolf hovering above it.

How about,

"My dog puts his head on the sofa
My dog puts his head on my lap
My dog puts his head on a pillow
When it's time to lay down for a nap."

Sweet, right? Until you see the picture. A dalmation's head. Just. his. head. resting on a shelf of some sort.

And, the elephant picture which my daughter though the creepiest of them all,
"Here comes the elephant around again
With his earthworm friends
He knows, just when
The worms, they end
And he begins"

Accompanying picture: elephant head on a stick in a bucket of worms.

Every animal/creature in this book looks dead and/or is in partial form. Very macabre.

I cannot recommend this to any child. Oh gosh. No.

*I received a free hardcover book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you.

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