Friday, January 31, 2014

The Summer Day Is Done by R.T.Stevens

Summer Day Is DoneThey were strangers, eyes meeting in a sea of faces at a train station, but it was love at first sight...
Thus begins the tragic love story of John Kirby (Ivan Ivanovich) and Grand Duchess Olga. They were worlds apart in station but together in soul.

I found this story so GOOD. Yes, its fiction. But in real life stranger things do happen. So it didn't feel super far fetched. When we first meet John he is a British spy (but not against Russia or the Tsar). He eventually meets the Romanov family, becomes their friend and even joins the Russian side when WW1 breaks out.

For 2/3 of the book the day is pleasant. Summer reigns. There's sunny days and playful banter abounds. I love the wit and humor in this book. The characters felt real and I just loved how they would go back and forth with faux insults. If the portrayal of Russians is accurate they are a fun loving people. That is, when they're not at war. When war is declared, the revolutionists have their way everything starts falling apart..

If you like Russian literature in general (War and Peace, Anna Karenina etc) or are fond of Russian history as it relates to the Romanov family (always a fascination for me) then I think you would enjoy this.


SEX: None (although there is some sexual innuendo in the bantering and one instance of nude swimming).
VIOLENCE: Some toward the end. There is a war and people are hurt.
PROFANITY: Pretty Mild


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