Friday, January 10, 2014

The Golden Panther by Sylvia Thorpe

The Golden Panther4 Stars

The 1600s is not my usual preference in historical fiction. I have a hard time getting into the lingo and my knowledge of pre -Dickensian England is sketchy at best. HOWEVER, once I got into the story and became used to the wording I really enjoyed it.

In a nutshell, a young man rescues a child from death and brings her home to his mother. She grows up thinking he's her brother, a famous buccaneer "Captain Lucifer". But what happens when she grows up into a lovely young woman and Kit (Captain Lucifer) falls in love with her ? What happens when her true identity becomes known and her treacherous uncle arrives to arrange her marriage and fetch her home?

Some who read this had a hard time with the "sibling love " topic present here. But I didn't and here's why : It's true, she thought Kit was her brother from the start. BUT. From the very day he brought her home as a three year old child he really wasn't in her life very much. He promptly went to sea and even after his mother died and Damaris lived with him, again he was away for months at a time. So in my opinion they hadn't built up a traditional sibling-type closeness that there would have been in normal circumstances.

In view of the foregoing, I really didn't find the romance that far fetched (more of a stretch for her than for him but still possible) and the adventure and intrigue is well developed.
So yes! although this is my very first Sylvia Thorpe book I would easily recommend it to others and read some more written by her. Its wasnt my absolute favorite book but its a solid 4 stars.


SEX : None. (one kiss on the cheek. And one 'stolen ' kiss by a rogue) ignore the harlequin-ish cover)
VIOLENCE: A couple of fights (its about pirates) but mild.
PROFANITY : Mild cussing


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