Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Pearl Fishers by Henry De Vere Stacpoole

The Pearl Fishers by Henry de Vere StacpooleI can't think of anyone who paints a picture of remote island life quite like Stacpoole. This one really struck my fancy. Who wouldn't love to bask in the fangipani scented breeze and feel the sun toasting you a golden brown? (Ok the golden brown is a real dream here. Lobster red is more like it). Oh! And while you're exploring the clear azure and turquoise waters in the lagoons, schools of rainbow fish skate around the coral; even a bank of oysters is not without beauty, for where there are oysters, there are...PEARLS!

When Floyd is shipwrecked, he rows to a deserted island where two others (from another wreck) have settled before him; an intelligent, but power hungry German named Schumer and a "fetch it" Kanaka girl, Isbel. Floyd has a dingy and Schumer has a wrecked ship full of provisions, which, thanks to the dingy, they can now access. They settle down to quite the cozy island paradise. Before long, an oyster bank is discovered and they immediately begin diving for pearls.

One day, a ship arrives; native Kanakas without a crew or captain. It seems a godsend for a growing enterprise requiring labor and sails...

What follows is treachery, danger, mutiny and love.

Exciting story with beautiful descriptions; well worth reading and available on public domain.

SEX: None
VIOLENCE: There is a mutiny and people die but it is not gory
PROFANITY: Mild, mostly a few racial slurs

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