Thursday, February 26, 2015

Portrait Of A Playboy by Warwick Deeping

Max Tryte was a playboy. A pompous, happy-go-lucky, loose living, crude critic of society and the art world. Everything came easy for him; money, women, and admiration. But as an individual he was immensely unlikable and difficult to root for.

When success is at its zenith, the house of cards falls. An unwise affair of the night lands Max with Cerebral Spinal Meningitis and he fights for his very life. It's when he reaches rock bottom and is but a shadow of himself that he eventually sees the light and has a chance for true happiness.

I enjoyed this but it wasn't my favorite Deeping. I didn't feel much affinity with the main protagonists but preferred a minor side character who was just that, a minor character. 

This is quite a moralistic tale, voicing a warning against the futility of modern, frivolous living. But for someone already "on board", it can be a bit snoozifying. I also really disliked the French housekeeper (but that was intended), I thought she was a little cliched and predictable.

But it's very readable and deserves 3 strong stars

SEX: Off screen


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