Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sabrina by Madeleine A. Polland

Sabrina3 1/2 Stars

Sabrina is a girl torn between love and duty in pre WW1 Ireland. While Sabrina and her siblings have many dreams for their futures, it is "the Mama " who holds the cards and deals their hands, one for the land, one for a wife, two for the church etc etc.

I did like this but I didn't love it. I won't say its depressing exactly, but it is frustrating, so be warned. And yet I can see why a lot of people really love this story, the plot is excellent and really holds a lot of potential.

For those who care, yes, there is a HEA but it came at a point where I had been frustrated for so long I was like, "whatever. good. I don't care anymore."

In saying that, I think it would make a pretty good movie if it didn't dwell too much on the nunnery (which was probably the biggest "Nooooooo!!!"" of the book) and if it allowed us a few more tender moments. I think Sabrina and Gerrard had great chemistry and I wanted to see them together more.


SEX: None
PROFANITY: Religious cussing (G, JM,&J, J, JG etc)

MY RATING: PG (for profanity)

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